Falcon GT - The Crew
Falcon GT in Cobourg after a night sail

John Gayford

John Gayford, the owner and Captain, has sailed 20,000 ocean miles and spent a year in the 70's sailing with his brother and his wife along Australia's East coast. He has survived the Bermuda triangle and the fierce storms on Lake Ontario. During his time in Oakville he was awarded the title “Lake Ontario Single Handed Sailing Champion” and has won his fair share of silverware from club racing.

Douglas Gayford
John’s brother Douglas Gayford resides in Coffs Harbour Australia. He is a business owner with a Political Economics degree and is married with two daughters.

Brendan Shadford
Brendan Shadford has been sailing for 30 years.  In addition to his extensive cruising, he has competed in long distance races and crewed in the competitive Soling class.  Brendan, who has worked as a biologist, engineer, and banker, now plans to use his passion for photography and writing to document this exciting voyage.

Stuart Hamilton
Stuart Hamilton is an environmental engineer who owns his own consulting company, which specializes in evaluating effluent quality.  Stuart has been sailing since he was born. He is married with two boys and one girl.

Douglas Sandrin
Douglas Sandrin works with Air Canada. He has qualifications in computer programming. He is the team’s electronic whiz, who will oversee the extensive computer driven equipment on the boat. Doug is married and has two dogs.  You can see Doug's blog detailing the events of the boat and her crew here.